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October 25, 2016
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Anyone home?

Earlier this year, a stranded snow goose in Lava, NY made it into a River Talk column (www.riverreporteronline.com/column/river-talk/ 11/2011/08/03/snow-goose-loose). Just before Hurricane Irene visited the region, that goose left with the flock of Canada geese it had joined here. Temporarily grounded until its feathers grew back, the goose began flying with the flock for two weeks before and had no problem joining the migration.

October 27, 2011

To most of us, a rotting stump is—well—a rotting stump. But for many other life forms, ranging from micro-organisms to insects to birds (and the occasional amphibian), rotting wood can be a valuable resource for food and shelter. While exercising caution, make it a point to inspect such potential treasure-troves when you encounter them. Click the thumbnail photos at upper left to see who calls this stump "home."