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December 07, 2016
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Why do I do it?

“Four Score and Seven” presented other challenges. Its subject is the end of life and how families cope. Along the way it brings up the politics of health care and every other controversial subject of modern life. During the rehearsal period one cast member lost his mother, another’s father had a medical crisis, the playwright’s good friend and business partner died, and I endured a perplexing and frustrating medical journey that eerily mirrored my characters’.

Experts say keeping your mind nimble as you age is vital. Doing crossword puzzles has nothing on committing 50 pages of dialogue to memory. Let’s say it’s not my strong point. Somehow, with the fear of humiliation motivating me, I made it, but I kept myself and my cast members guessing until the final dress rehearsal. Yet I never felt reproached by any of them. There were no prima donnas in this ensemble—only hard-working people who happen to have the talent and drive to make original theatre come to life for an audience of their peers. I guess that’s why I do it.