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September 27, 2016
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Time travel

One member of the group, the writer Lisa Cunningham, suggested that the world of Greenwich Village in the ’60s was not to be “conflated” with the “extreme change” going on in the world at the time. But as children in Greenwich Village we were exposed to these extremes directly, with large anti-war demonstrations and violent episodes such as the accidental explosion of a townhouse on West 11th Street by members of SDS, and with the vibrant and expressive artists and writers in our everyday lives. We became uniquely attuned to the extremes of the culture at that time. Ultimately, Lisa Cunningham writes, “we are creating” (on the Facebook page) “a portrait of an explosive (and important) moment in modern history, an epicenter of American culture in Greenwich Village that echoed around the world in the ’60s—through the eyes of children.” It sounds to me like the perfect storm of energy needed to create something useful out of all this living.

In the meantime, I am packing my bags for the future and saddling up the Prius for a dream trip across the USA with my daughter. I will take my Facebook updates with me, thanks to modern technology, but I will be posting about the present, instead of the past.

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