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December 07, 2016
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Dear Bob

August 20, 2014

Author’s note: I don’t know if Sullivan County is in the coverage area for Bob Beierly’s publication Our Town, but here on the PA side of the river you can’t swing a cat without hitting one of his stands. A longtime feature of local life in Wayne and Pike counties, this free magazine, combining right-wing politics and sometimes salacious humor, has recently begun expanding its reach into Orange County, parts of New Jersey and other areas. In his front-page editorials and stories, Bob presents himself as an unapologetic “conservative Christian patriot,” by turns sentimental and confrontational—sometimes controversially so—and judging by the number of ads he sells, his audience just eats it up.

The “Patriot Connectors” describe themselves as an “informal patriotic discussion group” that has been meeting for the past three years or so. They have a website at www.patriotconnectors.com. They recently hosted an appearance by Beierle, which I happened to attend, and which inspired the following.

Bob Beierly
Publisher, Our Town
Newfoundland PA

Dear Bob:

Kudos on your appearance at the “Patriot Connectors” meeting at Wallenpaupack High School on August 14. I knew I was in for an interesting experience when we pulled into the parking lot and found it packed to the gills. Clearly, many of your readers were eager to see you in person and put a face to the words they read in your publication. You must have been very gratified by the turnout, and with the enthusiastic reception you received. So, sincerely, congratulations.

You wouldn’t have noticed me in the near-overflow crowd… I was only one of many balding and bearded fat white guys in attendance. I saw a few younger couples, some with kids in tow, but mostly the audience was elderly. You may have noticed that rising out of the narrowly spaced seats to stand for the Pledge and the opening prayer was a bit of a struggle for some of us.