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October 04, 2015
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A devil’s response to Paul Harvey

Consider those wonderful words, “American exceptionalism.” One of the best products from our Semantics Branch, I must say. Rather than try to convince Americans that their blessings have nothing to do with Divine benevolence, we push the opposite to an extreme. Rather than allow those blessings to engender feelings of gratitude, humility, or responsibility, we instead encourage their pride, hubris and arrogance. We tell them—and they love to hear this—that since they clearly enjoy such special favor in the Creator’s sight, that they can do just about anything they want: invade, loot, plunder. Let them assume that they are always doing good—and this will make it easier to bring them to commit evil.

So many errors... No, Mr. Harvey, I would not “deify science.” I would much rather undermine rationality at every turn; logic is one of our greatest enemies, and irrational people are ever so much easier to lead astray. And “kill the incentive of the ambitious?” Never! Hell forbid! It is one of our most productive and advantageous avenues into the hearts of men.

Your Mr. Harvey may catch us red-handed in some of our more blatant manifestations, dear nephew, but he misses the finer levels of our machinations. You may remove the knot from your tail.

Affectionately, as ever, your devoted uncle,