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October 26, 2016
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Come out, come out

And consider those unfortunate souls within the national security apparatus of the Obama administration, as they wrestle with the ethical dilemmas of targeted assassinations, drone warfare, indefinite detentions and unwarranted surveillance. How diligently they struggle to establish legitimacy, to stake the high moral ground, when (let’s face it), who shows any intention of stopping them? Who could, even if they wanted to? Some conservatives claim that the left is giving Obama a pass on possible constitutional violations, but after what they let Bush get away with, what did they expect? So why bother with pretense? Let us tell them, “Just lay it out for us, guys and gals—you’ve got the power, and you intend to use it, legal standing or no.”

These are but two examples. There are so many others, from the fracking industry to the gun lobby to the plutocrats who fund election campaigns and union-busting legislation—people who seem somehow ashamed to admit their real motivations and let fly with their true desires. Let us hope they learn one of the key lessons of the struggle for gay liberation—first, you have to come out to yourself.