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May 03, 2016
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How many nations are we, anyway?

When unionized workers were a more prevalent part of the workforce, the head of the AFL-CIO was generally seen as the kind of leader that I am talking about, someone who represented the interests of working-class Americans—but now, who could claim any hold on such a mantle? Who represents our interests as workers now, or for that matter as consumers, within the halls of power?

You probably see where this is going: I am dancing around the outline of a different kind of democracy, of a multiparty, parliamentary state, such as is seen in most of the other industrial democracies around the world. In such a state, there might well be a party, and a duly-elected party leader, explicitly and unapologetically dedicated to representing the needs and desires of the wealthy, but there might also also be one doing the same for the poor, and one for the middle class.

So, as we prepare for the upcoming contests, I would ask you to consider these questions: With which “nation” do you primarily identify? Whom would you consider a potential leader for that nation? And who actually would make the best President to serve, not just your “nation,” but all the American people?


Some of us do not identify, or can't see this 'nation' any longer. MOney controls all. Our nation doesn't recognize us any longer. Some of us in Sullivan county , who have tried to make a difference with progressive groups/protests and the like are tired of it. In response to this, I am posting this message to see if there is enough interest in an 'Occupy Sullivan' (county) group. we will see what interest this is and if enough people respond, we hope to setup an initial forming group in June of 2012.
If interested leave a message to Bob at 'bluewizard52@gmail.com'
or call 845 345 2160.