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October 27, 2016
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You say you wanna revolution

This, I think, is what the people who as I write these words are occupying Wall Street (see, and the people avidly following their progress and following their example in cities and towns across the country (see are looking for. On the other side of a revolution, we want new ways of interacting, different goals, different values. We want a new game: one that is more fun to play.

All too frequently, what we call “revolutions” are nothing of the sort. One group just replaces another and gets to play the oppressor for a while. Too often, people expect a revolution to change everyone else, while leaving themselves to be as they were. And as history shows, such “revolutions” don’t stick very well.

What Brand suggests, and what I believe, is that a real revolution is more like a migration. Something inside says, “Time to move.” It isn’t imposed from outside. It comes from within. That revolution, the one that begins within the human heart, is I believe quite literally unstoppable.

So look inside: has it begun?