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September 26, 2016
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Still in the dark

We consumers are often told that saving the environment is up to us. We wanted to believe the propaganda broadcast on NBC (formerly owned by GE), so we zealously switched to CFLs. We were told that we’d save money in the long run. We were told that CFLs were the next big green thing. We felt good helping to save the environment.

Hidden truths are hidden for a reason, and it seems that while corporations reap their profits, unconscionable burdens fall on us. In the case of CFLs, we pay for more expensive bulbs that don’t perform as advertised, while GE makes its profit. We pay for expensive recycling kits in our effort to do the right thing, while GE makes it profit. We are exposed to the cumulative effects of the neurotoxin mercury in our water, air and home environments, while GE makes its profit.

Can’t we do better?