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October 22, 2016
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Body and soul

The food we eat does not come from the supermarket. It comes from the soil, from toil, from sun, from water. You can choose whether you eat food grown by someone who loves the earth, or from a pesticide-laden factory farm where the farmer is beholden to a corporation whose only motivation is profit, corporations that decide that you won’t get luscious small potatoes because they are somehow offensive to the mechanized system.

When you eat you aren’t just feeding your body. You are feeding your soul.

I encourage you to join me in supporting our local farmers. Visit your local organic farm and your farmers markets. Consider joining a CSA. Get to know the people who grow your food.


Your writing is so beautiful, Marcia. I think, in a strange way you and I are sharing similar concerns.
Whether addressing fraking,sustainable nutrition, foreign policy...saving the world.. My film, www.servicethefilm.com addresses the issues of disabled female veterans in transition but at core I keep coming up against the same issues..the following quote is attributed to the Dalai Lama:

“The world will be saved by western women.”

This doll thinks a robust analysis of the treatment of women in the military, in all cultures will lead to a deeper understanding of the roots of all of our most profound global issues:our rape of the environment,our rape of the working poor,our rape of healthcare delivery.... OK.. so there I am kind of going along with the heart of the quote...but why western women? Because they are more entitled and have more money? more power? because with all that, they/we find we are still subjected to abuse by those in power... it is often called rape, sexual abuse, harassment,, or " gee, I was just kidding around....." but it is all about the abuse of power...and it ain't just guys who have it...

What are your reactions to this? You observe all through a creative and perceptive lens....