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October 24, 2016
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A foggy day

Beautiful, mysterious & dangerous, the fog in the Upper Delaware Valley can be seen as a metaphor for life.

Well, Christmas has come and gone. The New Year is upon us and yet… I’m still in a fog, both literally and figuratively. Attempting to navigate the roads here in the Upper Delaware River Valley has been a challenge of late. The social network has been buzzing about the holidays (and the many events leading up to same), but it’s the weather that has taken center stage for the last week or so.

Like most things in life, the fog has its ups and downs. Beautiful and mysterious, it’s also malevolent and dangerous at times—in other words, a decent metaphor for life. With only a few precious minutes left in which to complete my list of resolutions, I’m a bit foggy on which direction to take.

Naturally, I want to take the high road, but that’s the one most likely to have dangerous curves and pitfalls along the way, and there are times that I’d rather steer clear of obstacles altogether. I’m pretty good at procrastinating, but observing the passage of time often gives me a swift kick, propelling me into action, so with that in mind… I’m still mulling it over.
I’m not big on regret, so scratching that off my list was easy.

Planning for the future has never been my strong suit either, so I’m aiming to stay the course and create goals without attachment to them, in hopes that I might be able to “go with the flow” in the coming months. Lest I get too far ahead of myself, I’m still thinking about where I’ve been, rather than where I’m going and that helps keep me grounded (whether I can actually see it or not.)

It’s not unusual to see “snow dates” scheduled for concerts at this time of year and the intensity of last week’s storm was enough to postpone the WJFF “Musical Extravaganza” until last Saturday. The fog was so thick that I checked in with station manager Adam Weinreich (www.wjffradio.org) who assured me that the show would go on “come hell or high water,” so off I went, snaking my way through the fog, making sure to see the forest for the trees. Afraid that the mist would keep revelers away proved to be unfounded as the Delaware Youth Center in Callicoon, NY opened its doors to what turned out to be a packed house and soon enough, the joint (www.delawareyouthcenter.org) was jumpin’.

Serving as a fundraiser for the radio station, the powers that be (scads of volunteers) had prepared a fantastic show replete with great food (thanks to Jill Padua), an amazing array of goodies raffled off and music, music, music. Hostess Maureen Neville and her cadre of tireless elves created an incredible evening of entertainment and good cheer, and my fog (momentarily) lifted as I worked the room, photographing the lineup of (IMHO) gifted musicians parading their many talents across the stage. Kathy Geary, Elizabeth Rose, Brewster Smith, Jeff Lackey and an adorable children’s chorus were at the top of their game, along with Doug Rogers & the Hoy Polloy, Janet Burgan, The Human Lard Dog and Little Sparrow.

Feeling both naughty and nice, I got chewed out for (duh) talking too much while catching up with some friends seldom seen, and crossing my fingers, I was hoping to go home with a raffle prize or two. I did win some wine, but paid it forward, hoping that Santa was watching and might reward me as I stood under the mistletoe, hoping for the best. I got my wish (you know who you are) so maybe the New Year holds promise after all? Doing my best to capture the spirit of the season, I snapped away and have put together a little album of the festivities. To view and share with your friends both near and far, “like” us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/riverreporter) and enjoy. Meanwhile, I’ll get back to my list. In fact, I had better check it twice, since I’m a bit foggy on the details.