Few clouds
Few clouds
42.8 °F
October 24, 2016
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Baby it's cold outside

DJ Nick Forte was busily managing lights and sound as the dizzying array showered revelers in a colorful pastiche of the proper mix of glamour and glitz. I would have preferred to see more people on the dance floor itself, but we were there, so it was a party. I did spy some regulars: “Trailer Talk” hostess Sabrina Artel (www.trailertalk.com) off in a corner chatting with local legend Laylage Courie ( www.luminouswork.org ) who either was unsure who I was ( doesn’t seem possible!) or was simply ignoring me, but they both looked smashing.

I’m still celebrating “Manuary” so I have not shaved in almost a month. I’m going to assume that is why Ms. Courie eschewed engaging me in conversation, but CAS curator Kathryn Tufano had no trouble recognizing me. As the gallery gears up for the 2012 season (talk about dire predictions!) I ponder submitting some ideas for a show. They are currently accepting applications for next year, with an exhibition proposal deadline of February 1—so I had better get my groove on.

With Jack Frost nipping at our respective noses, we warmed up the vehicle and struck out in search of more adventure, winding up at River Edge for their open mic night (see page 11), before hitting the Nugget in Monticello for a nightcap.

All in all, it was a great weekend, weather notwithstanding, and even more proof that there is always something to do in them thar hills... and a gentle, constant reminder that home is where the heart is. From what I understand, there is more wind and ice on its way, so I will bundle up (looking good), and continue on my merry way.

Ice fishing contests still await, along with gallery openings, even more parties and surprises in store. Why stay in when we can gather in swell spots dotted throughout the icy landscape? Winter may not be for sissies and yet, somehow—I manage.