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December 02, 2016
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I got ‘shushed’ at a Lard Dog show!

Dancers Jenny Emerson and Donlin Foreman added another classical layer to the Weekend of Chamber Music’s Music Talks concert series held at the Old North Branch Inn.
TRR photos by Jonathan Charles Fox

Two nights earlier, I was on my best behavior (IMHO) while observing classically trained dancers Jenny Emerson and Donlin Forman (www.danceocg.org) enchant the SRO audience as they clamored for more during the Music Talks performance presented by Andrew Waggoner (violin) and Caroline Stinson (cello) as part of the Weekend of Chamber Music Summer Music Festival (www.facebook.com/WCMconcerts) held at The Old North Branch Inn. Yes, I’ve mentioned the place (www.theoldnorthbranchinn.com) a few times lately, but that’s because proprietor Victoria Lesser has booked a slew of great events that will continue to draw folks to her corner of Sullivan County as the summer progresses. Since there were no flying pretzels in the air, I kept my mouth shut and listened attentively. “Hearing my music while seeing the choreography is exquisite,” Waggoner shared with the crowd. “A part of my soul inhabits the space, which the music alone cannot do.” Hoo-La-Lee.

In an attempt to pace myself, (while keeping my mouth shut) I sneaked out (quietly) during intermission and made my way home with Dharma, who didn’t make a peep at either event. I made a mental note to be on my best behavior the next day, since we all know that the annual party in Narrowsburg, NY (www.artsalliancesite.org) known as Riverfest, calls for a sedate and reverential stance. Regardless of the dog parade, stilt walkers, (www.nacl.org) and raucous auction that draws a huge, boisterous crowd, I thought of that lady and stayed silent for the four hours of picture-taking and shaking hands that ensued. “What’s wrong?” asked sports guru Richard Ross, as he petted the dog and posed for a pic. “Why so quiet?” As I held a finger to my lips (I won’t say which one), I shushed him. “Have a little respect,” I suggested. “It’s a summer festival. Don’t have fun, that’s just crazy-talk.”