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December 10, 2016
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Better late than never

Amber White, left, with Sarah and Errol Flynn took a moment to officially cut the ribbon, signifying that the Brandenburg Bakery is open for business in Livingston Manor.
TRR photos by Jonathan Fox

April 2, 2014

Yes, I’m referring to the elusive springtime that teases and retreats, leaving me dumbfounded. One minute I’m singing a happy tune and the next? Well, the weeping willow springs to mind. According to my therapist, I have “control issues,” but even I can see the folly in thinking that I can force the seasons to change. Instead, I’ve chosen to force a few bulbs to bloom on my desk and pretend that spring has sprung. It is, after all, in the air. One of the signs of renewal popped up over the last week in Livingston Manor, NY, as an amazing aroma wafted down Main Street. Following my nose, I discovered a line of people clamoring for baked goods as the Brandenburg Bakery officially opened in its new location in the Manor. Proprietors Sarah and Errol Flynn (his parents thought it was a good idea) were busily serving up their (IMHO) incredible array of handmade pastries, breads, cookies and cakes to the well-mannered mob, and Dharma and I wandered in, as I recalled that a ribbon-cutting ceremony was slated for that day. Honestly, the place (www.Facebook.com/BrandenburgPastry) was jammed with well-wishers, emptying the cases faster than the Flynns could refill, so I grabbed my bag and (control issues firmly in place) demanded that they stop for a moment, unfurl an actual ribbon and smile for the camera. “If you insist,” Errol grinned, simultaneously pulling breads out of the oven and pointing out that his folks were in the house. Grabbing some goodies, I headed out whistling, confident again that it might as well be spring.

Reminded that local radio station WJFF was holding its “Spring Gathering” pledge drive, I steered toward Jeffersonville, NY to check out the talent and get a peek at the dam, which provides Radio Catskill’s famous hydropower. Duly impressed, I grabbed the pooch (www.Facebook.com/DharmaTheWonderDog) and entered, discovering the place thrumming with activity. Board of Trustees member Barbara Demarest gave me a quick tour of the facility, as I noticed many familiar faces busily working the phones, the sound boards and the mics, as the donations that keep public radio afloat poured in. Impressed by what I observed, Demarest concurred. “It just shows what this little radio station by a dam can do. Our supporters are amazing.” Nodding in agreement, I tiptoed in to Studio B, where an authors’ roundtable was taking place.