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December 09, 2016
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Music to my ears

Jen Franklin, farm manager at Skytop Farm, invited me to photograph a number of new foals, including three-day-old “B Cozy,” seen here with a very attentive mom.

March 26, 2014

Having survived the flu and determined to join the real world once again, I had a spring in my step when Skytop Farm ( manager Jen Franklin called to inform me that there were new foals to visit, so I slipped a CD in the player, put pedal to the metal and drove myself to the sprawling acreage that is home to the thoroughbred horses that call Skytop home. The breeding farm that boasts “around the clock care for your mare during and after her pregnancy” is a bucolic setting nestled in the hills above Roscoe, NY, and the two new colts were as precious as possible. “At this point, they’re like giant puppies,” Franklin explained. “They wag their stubby tails, follow you around and are a little goofy.” With just a few days under their belts, the boys were nursing, napping and still a bit wobbly, but adorable doesn’t even begin to describe. The mares allowed me to get pretty close, snap some pics and nibbled on the treats I gave them while keeping a sharp eye on their babies. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect way to usher in the first day of spring and with a song in my heart, I nuzzled with three-day-old “Paddy,” waved my goodbyes and headed out, in search of adventure.