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December 03, 2016
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The iceman cometh

Mom Melissa helped six year-old Jake Cross make a donation to Toys for Tots at the Bethel Woods Holiday Market.

December 11, 2013

With winter breathing down our necks, Mother Nature (in her infinite wisdom) has decided to get a jump on things. Clearly, she and Jack Frost are in cahoots, since the iceman has been busy creating magical designs on windows across the Upper Delaware Valley. I suppose those with triple-insulated thermal panes have been spared, but my place (and I suspect many of yours’) could use a little extra insulation, so when the temperature dips, oh-so-pretty designs appear on my glass, courtesy of the imp with the icy paintbrush. To be sure, the images are pretty and conjure up wintry memories from my wonder years. In those days, it was not I who worried about storm windows and heating bills, but the harsh realities of adulthood currently abound. As a result, I snap photos of the patterns, while cursing the leaky sills, in an attempt to make (frozen) lemonade from the lemons I’ve been handed. I’m not complaining (per se) but I do feel a bit for the dog. Little fazes her and she loves romping in the snow but the ice? Well, that presents challenges, even for a wonder dog. At under 12 pounds, and with a few inches of solid ice/snow beneath her, Dharma spent a good portion of the morning slip-sliding away, perplexed about her inability to navigate the terra that was (just days ago) firma under her frosty paws.