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December 03, 2016
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Along came a spider

Author Laurie Graff was happy to see Dharma the Wonder Dog at the CAS after reading her essay excerpted from “No Kidding” in Livingston Manor.

“Oppressive” doesn’t even begin to describe the heat and humidity that blanketed the Upper Delaware Valley last Friday and I was a bit scorched from a day at the lake, but Dharma was anxious to attend the grand opening party and “explore the nature of change” behind the Green Door on Main Street in Liberty, NY, so we took a cold shower and went. “Change” is the art exhibit currently running at the gallery connected to the magazine of the same name (www.greendoormag.com) and the place was packed with well-wishers and fans (which did nothing to abate the sweltering temps). I didn’t see any spiders, but the walls were adorned with way-cool art, including Ryan Cronin’s “graffiti-inspired” work and Greg Frederick’s (IMHO) stunning original portraits (www.vinylpopart.com). Naomi Teppich was in the house and suggested that her sculpture (“Cactus Conundrum”) might be a cautionary tale of a “changing climate” and that a cactus growing in a store front window in Liberty could be a reflection of “global warming creating a new bio-diversity.” Hmmm.

The exhibit, which runs through August 25, features the works of more than a dozen artists, and I had a chance to chat with the clever and inventive Amy Lewis, (www.agrisculpture.com) “scrap metal” sculptor Zac Shavrick, and to experience a “spontaneous” performance by the Human Lard Dog (www.houseoflard.com). Judging by the crowd, Green Door is the place to be and I snapped quite a few pics. “Like” us on Facebook to view, share and tag.