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December 04, 2016
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Once in a blue moon

Livingston Manor High School student Ami Calo, left, and BOCES Director of Career & Technical Education Denise Sullivan took part in the All Breed Beef Cattle Clinic at the Stone Wall Farms in Jeffersonville, NY.

“Don’t let it happen again,” she admonished, wagging a finger in my face. “Walter is an institution!” “I’ll do my best,” I sighed, hanging my head. “Once in a blue moon, I make a mistake.” Red-faced and ashamed of my blunder, I jumped into the truck and sped off, before anyone else had a chance to call me names and bring attention to the fact that I’m not infallible. Hopefully, Egner will forgive me; otherwise I’ll blame it on the dog. Not wishing to repeat my error and omit anyone else, I’ll write about folk singer Jay Mankita and his afternoon with the kids last Sunday under separate cover. Look for it in the Arts and Leisure section at www.riverreporter.com.