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December 09, 2016
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Once in a blue moon

Callicoon, NY Brownies and Girl Scouts lined Main Street in Jeffersonville during their annual cookie drive, which continues through May 8.

Representatives from the American Angus Association (www.angus.org), Merial Pharm. Co. (www.merial.com), Southern States Cow Nutrition (www.sothernstates.com) and The Center for Beef Excellence (www.BeefExcellence.com) were on hand, and I perused the booths while observing some of the demonstrations presented by Jeff Nogan and Justin Herman, of Applewood and Trowbridge Farms, respectively. I chatted briefly with Denise Sullivan, the director of career and technical education for Sullivan County BOCES (www.scboces.org), who had 11th and 12th grade students at the clinic. “We’re highlighting Animal Sciences today,” she said, “and the kids earn school credit for participating in the programs. They have the opportunity to learn about livestock production and all aspects of the animal industry, including horses, swine, lambs and poultry.” Before moving on, Sullivan asked me where Dharma was. “She’s home,” I sheepishly admitted. “It happens.”

Steering through town, I spotted Girl Scouts and Brownies lining Main Street and screeched to a halt, determined to score some Thin Mints. It only happens once a year, and the cookie drive is a rare opportunity to support the troops and feed my face simultaneously, so I stocked up, asking the girls how much time we had left. “You have until May 8 to purchase your favorites,” said one of the moms, “so you better hurry!” Knowing that I’d run out sooner than later, I inquired about getting more. They advised me to give troop leader Joanne Rosenberger (845/887-4731) a call.

I jotted the number down before being pulled aside. “Didn’t I see you at the Hortonville talent show last week?” mom number two asked. After I nodded, she went on: “Why wasn’t there any mention of Walter Egner and his performance?” Egner has been participating in the annual variety show for 27 years and his rendition of “Anastasia” last week was (IMHO) fabulous. “It wasn’t intentional,” I whimpered. “I ran out of room in my column.”