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December 03, 2016
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A little birdie told me

Times Herald Record writer Leonard Sparks, left, congratulates The River Reporter's Jonathan Fox on his rock climbing skills at the Sullivan County Sportsman's Expo in Callicoon, NY.
Contributed photo

March 27, 2013

Finally, spring is in the air. Despite the somewhat frigid temps and occasional snow showers, the undeniable signs of seasonal change are everywhere. Although I’ve yet to have a sighting, friends and neighbors have been spotting robins throughout the Upper Delaware Valley and the icicles on my roof are slowly beating a retreat. Making a mental note to ignore the groundhog next year, I attempted to brush the wonder dog, whose fur coat was out of control, and threw my hands up, frustrated over the snarls and knots that had taken her hostage over the harsh winter months. With Passover looming, I was concerned that her appearance would be a reflection on me and placed an emergency call to groomer Amanda Kille (845/887-4708) in Long Eddy, NY.

“Never fear, Amanda is here,” she chirped into the phone, and before the day was out, Dharma had shed her winter coat, looking fresh as a daisy and pretty sporty, so I decided to take her along (what else is new?) to the Sullivan County Sportsman’s and Outdoor Recreation Expo in Callicoon, NY (www.villaroma.com), where the Chamber of Commerce (www.catskills.com) was sponsoring the event in conjunction with the Sullivan County Visitors Association (SCVA), (www.scva.net). On my way, I noticed another sure sign of spring—people. Shoveling and sweeping, folks were in their yards and on the streets, greeting each other like long lost friends, happy to have shed a layer or two as they breathed in the fresh mountain air and began the outdoor transition from slush to mud.