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March 30, 2015
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A little birdie told me

Little Sparrow’s "leader of the flock," Carol Smith, center, was "joyful, nervous and happy" to be performing at the Krause Recital Hall in Narrowsburg, NY last Sunday.
TRR photos by Jonathan Fox

As part of the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance (DVAA) “Salon Series” (www.artsalliancesite.org), the Little Sparrow Band was performing in the Krause Recital Hall, doing what they do so well. Aldo Troini, Kurt Knuth, Lynn Reno, Lester Wilson and “leader of the flock,” Carol Smith, introduced guest musician Van Manakas to the packed house as they entertained with their acoustic mix of traditional bluegrass, ’60s rock, Americana and original tunes. I’ve heard the down-home band before, but last Sunday’s show was exemplary and I can honestly say that listening to these accomplished musicians made me just plain feel good. “I’m joyful and nervous and so happy to see everyone here,” Smith shared, as Aldo leaned into the mic and proclaimed, “It’s hillbilly time.” Beautiful harmonies and a great rapport with the crowd ensued, and I was reminded how the band has spread its wings and soared since forming in 2008. If anyone asks where you heard of them, tell them a little birdie told you.