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December 03, 2016
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Women... can’t live without ‘em

Upper Delaware Community Network's Beverly Sterner celebrates women "every day of the year" and was in fine form at the DVAA's APH-O-RISMS reception in Narrowsburg.

Mary Grace Yanashot does the opposite. “Most of what I do is an experiment,” Yanashot told me while explaining how her collages are created. “I paint large canvasses of paper and survey the whole, before selecting the parts that speak to me in one form or another.” The finished products often complement one another, even though they may have been “completed at different times, often separated by months, or years.” Equally fascinating and wildly different in their approach, each of these women have a unique perspective and it’s clear that the “Feminist Art Movement” gave birth to an explosion of talent that (IMHO) continues to flourish and influence the world exponentially, or as my online dictionary defines aphorism: “A pithy observation that contains a general truth.” Not only do women outnumber men, but their influence on the art world has become a driving force in the art world as well. If you listen closely, one can almost hear them roar.