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December 08, 2016
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Kids say the darndest things

Arlington HS student Jenna Adamek displays her raffle prize—a signed "Mama Mia" poster, at the NYSTEA conference in Callicoon.

My frown turned upside down as I read on. “Flexibility, adaptability, initiative, self-direction, productivity and responsibility” were highlighted as developmental plusses for participants. Impressed, I jumped in the truck and zipped over to Callicoon, NY. Mobs of students were everywhere, making their way to the nightclub, where closing-day ceremonies were about to commence. Stepping over the threshold, I heard a familiar voice. “Jonathan you made it!” grinned Justin Glodich, district vocal and theater teacher in the Eldred Central School District ( Glodich was one of the 100 chaperones, keeping up with his kids. I caught up with three of them, Krissy Morgan, Kayla Carcone and Marissa Martell, all of whom enthused as we made our way to the event. “It’s awesome,” Krissy shouted above the din. “We’re learning so much,” Kayla yelled. “And making new friends,” Marissa added, as they melted into the crowd.

Fallsburg High School senior ( Adam Dohrenwend spotted me and waved, and I stopped for a moment to chat. “I’m so excited,” he said. “I’m directing one-acts at the Rivoli this summer for the Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop.” ( When asked if he planned to pursue a career in theatre, Adam shook his head. “No, but this experience is invaluable. It builds confidence, is incredibly fun and it keeps me out of trouble,” he winked, before moving on to catch up with his pals. Even though the place was mobbed, I found Bunny, who was with fellow chaperone Jim Schmidt, and Fallsburg teacher Ellen Pavloff, and I spied Tri-Valley’s ( Regina Hartman preparing to take the stage to give away raffle prizes.