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December 03, 2016
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‘Oh, the weather outside is frightful!’

“Thank you!”

Unwilling (unable?) to remember much of what had transpired in 2012, I let my mind wander to the last few hours, and recalled that I had run into some interesting folks before the storm hit. Sullivan West (www.swcsd.org) students Raina Bowers and Jessica Ellsworth were in Callicoon (www.cafedevine.com) last Saturday, displaying what they described as “Abandoned Art,” which piqued my interest. “All of these pieces were left behind by students,” Bowers explained, “and our teacher, Mr. Layman, had this idea. I just took the ball and ran with it.” Drawings, paintings, sketches and the like were spread on a table and the “suggested donations” collected support the Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) at the school. “We don’t have a website for the project yet,” Raina said, “but hope to soon,” so I will be sure to follow up on their worthwhile endeavor.

Hearing live music, I turned my attention to another duo-in the form of “Campfire” Jones and Drew Kelly, who were also in the place, entertaining the art lovers with their bluegrass pickin’ and winning smiles.

Handing me their card, (570/877-3085) the boys informed me that they will be “opening up the New Year’s eve party at Mel’s (www.melsplacepa.webs.com) in Greeley, PA” and suggested that I check it out. Right. New Year’s. Sigh. Turning their card over in my hand, reverie shaken (not stirred), I surveyed the landscape and shook my head. Momentarily present, I buttoned up the overcoat and grabbed Dharma’s leash. “When we finally kiss goodnight,” I whimpered, “I’ll hate going out in the storm.” She cocked her head and scampered off before hearing my final, pathetic (yet lyrical) proclamation: “But if you’ll hold me really tight,” I sighed, “all the way home, I’ll be warm.”