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December 06, 2016
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Out with the old...

Perhaps you like vintage? (Retro is in these days!)

With camera in hand at the tractor parade, ( someone tapped on the window at a local establishment ( and beckoned me in, with the sole purpose of informing me that my picture reminded him of Jerry Lewis. I gasped and asked him if he really thought I looked 85? “Oh, no,” he stammered. “I mean, you know... back in the day.” Less than thrilled, I politely accepted his “compliment” and as I left, checked my reflection in the window. “Jerry Lewis?” I mused. “Really?”

It gets better. Just last week, while checking out “Trains on Main” ( yet another dear reader told me that my byline shot “doesn’t do you justice; you look like Dean Martin” (insert “Twilight Zone” music here), “except that your hair is gray. What’s up with that?” he concluded. Well, that’s true. My surgery seemed to coincide with a sudden change, (after all, my age couldn’t possibly be the problem!) so I did a bit of research. Sure enough, revealed that “sudden, severe emotional stress, illness, surgery and medications can all contribute to this condition. When you lose several hundred of your older, darker hairs in one day, you are left only with your new hairs—the gray ones. This makes it look like you went gray overnight.”

As it turns out, the darker ones never came back. Tired of explaining this phenomenon (while fervently denying that I had previously been dyeing it), I’ve given in. OK, I have gray hair. Still I take exception to some of the comments. I refuse to believe that I look “just like Bob Dylan” as one lovely fan mentioned. I’ve heard George Burns, Bob Hope, Steve Martin and Woody Allen, to name a few. I’m (IMHO) fairly thick skinned, but some of these guys are either much older than me or dead. That’s great. Not one comparison to George Clooney or Anderson Cooper—Imagine that.