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December 09, 2016
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There’s got to be a morning after...

Santa's "magic puppy" delighted the crowd at Santa's Village.

Since the Internet was still humming (for the moment) I went online, tweeted a bit and checked back in with the “real” world (, which is thrumming with excitement, stating that “Some claim that there is a mysterious “extra planet”—variously called Nibiru or Planet X—cruising around our solar system waiting to smash into the earth by the end of 2012. Others say that the planet’s magnetic field will flip—causing massive continental upheaval, cataclysmic volcanic eruptions, and world-ending floods. Still others predict calamities associated with Earth’s crossing the “galactic plane” of the Milky Way.” Hmm.

“No time like the present” I whispered to the dog, and canceled my psychic reading scheduled for next week. “I’d rather be surprised,” I thought, deciding in that moment to adopt a “don’t-worry, be-happy” attitude (at least for the next few days.) Listening to Sinatra (I did it my way) on the way home, I decided to put fear on hold, assuming that there would be plenty of time to freak out in the future, should there be one. With one eye on tomorrow, I took a peek at my horoscope ( and read that “sweeping changes are in store; you’re moving toward the great unknown, so let go.” Maybe I should pick up some extra hair gel, just in case.