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December 09, 2016
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The play’s the thing!

Community service volunteers from Parksville Daytop Village helped out all day at the Allyson Whitney 5K run in Kauneonga Lake, NY.

I found the entire afternoon to be very cool. Enticed by observing how other writers work, the level of professionalism was impressive; the tidbits of script teased the audience and left me wanting more. And the local involvement proved once again that the talent residing here at home is substantial. As for “Lost on Staten Island,” playwright Scheinmel expressed interest in the show being performed here in the Catskills, and knowing Giguerre and Co., I have high hopes that we will see it happen.

As gal-pal Fran Drescher expressed in her life-affirming book “Cancer Schmancer,” “Chances are you’ve already been affected by cancer in some way, whether personally or through a close friend or family member,” and I know this to be true. Whether it’s a theatrical play, a 5K run, or a work in progress, community is the through-line for inspiration, education and the continuing race for the cure. My hats off to all concerned, with a heartfelt “thank you” to boot.