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December 08, 2016
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Let my people go!

In “ A Skeptic’s Guide to Passover” (www.slate.com), author Michael David Lukas examines everyday explanations for each of the 10 Biblical plagues, citing epidemiologist John Marr’s “domino theory,” which claims in part that “water borne organisms turned the Nile red, killing the frog-eating fish, which in turn caused a population explosion among frogs.” The abundance of lice, flies and even the deaths of “first-born sons” can also apparently be explained, according to Marr’s theory. Leaving no stone unturned, even the infamous “burning bush” fails to make the miracle list (spontaneous combustion), once the story has been dissected by these “scholars.”

Hebrew University psychology professor Benny Shannon’s claims that Moses was “hallucinating” as a result from ingesting drugs (www.haaretz.com) has it’s place (I suppose) in theory, but attains new heights in absurdity and (IMHO), is to many, just plain sacrilegious. It’s my belief that miracles still occur, although they may be less dramatic than those depicted in the Bible. I have to agree with author Humphreys’ conclusion that “a natural explanation of the events of the Exodus doesn’t, to my mind, make them any less miraculous.” Timing, after all, is everything.