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December 06, 2016
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Celebrate, celebrate... dance to the music!

Jeffersonville residents Amber Morales, Crystal Heady and Denise Hendrickson (L-R) take their seats before the first annual St. Patricks Day Parade on Main Street.

March 22, 2012

Seeking the lyrics on line to the Three Dog Night classic, I was redirected to Oldie. If I weren’t so happy to be out and about this past weekend, the reference to my age might have aggravated me. Attempting to abide by doctor’s orders, I resolved to “take it easy” last Saturday, while celebrating in Jeffersonville, NY with thousands of St. Patrick’s Day revelers.

With camera in hand and Dharma (the wonder dog) in tow, I snaked my way through the throngs, valiantly attempting to capture the thrill of the glorious weather, the convivial ambiance and the joyous families decked out in shamrocks and all things green as the kids shrieked with glee during the constant shower of goodies raining down upon them from the seemingly endless array of floats. It’s no secret that I love a parade, and the Jeffersonville Chamber of Commerce (, aided and abetted by a zillion volunteers and contributors, did not disappoint.

Dancing to the music came easily as the Mountain Tones Community Band marched by sounding darn good, making way for the incredible bagpipers, who wowed the crowd, kilts swaying in the breeze. This “first annual” foray for the town was (IMHO) a huge success and bound to become a holiday classic. I will surely be in attendance—same time, next year.

Making a mental note to mark my calendar for the upcoming Trout Parade ( in Livingston Manor, NY and my personal favorite, the Tractor Parade in Callicoon, NY (, slated for June, I snapped a few hundred photos and made a pit stop at (where else?) the Dancing Cat Saloon ( to see what the Gays of Sullivan County (dot com) were up to. After an hour or two of being ignored while Dharma basked in the glow of admiration (having been dubbed the “official dog of the Dancing Cat” by proprietor extraordinaire Stacy Cohen) I snorted in derision and dropped her official tush off at home.