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December 03, 2016
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Happy Holidaze!

Kimberly Feltkamp (Hansel) & Brooke Schooley (Gretel) lament being lost in the woods in the DVO holiday opera at Bethel Woods

Fitzsimmons’ beautiful voice, charming demeanor and musical panache complemented Jung’s homespun style and the evening left me less confused than usual, since the message both performers spread was clear and the crowd left with an abundance of seasonal good cheer. I headed out with (amazing) grace intact, and rather than feeling lost, found my way home, guided by the full moon and reasonable assurance that I still know the way. I doubt that I’ll be slowing down until after the first of the year, so if you spy me wandering aimlessly in the woods, please, mock if you must, but point me in the right direction while I continue to blame my ditsy behavior on the holidaze!