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December 04, 2016
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A disgraceful tale from the Land of Plenty

Our fellow citizens are caught in a spiral of poor nutrition, chronic anxiety and ill-health. Most disgraceful is the way we are shortchanging our children. Poor nutrition is directly linked to a range of physical, emotional and developmental issues. Our current system of food subsidies supports bad nutrition at the expense of our children’s health and ability to succeed.

Most people remain on SNAP for less than a year. They are there because of layoffs, family disruptions or medical emergencies. As they move to work, they need a transition period of support. Charity is admirable, but it can’t be a permanent solution, and the logistics of food charity make it difficult to provide fresh fruits and vegetables. We need a living wage. We need a comprehensive food policy that moves from food charity to fair access and puts nutrition first.

I can’t imagine an issue in which sustainability and social justice are more closely intertwined.