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December 06, 2016
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Late bloomers and early adaptors

It is also worth noting that late bloomers can become innovation leaders. Denmark is now a global leader in renewable energy, an early adaptor of wind power that is now on a path to produce 50% of electricity generation from wind by 2050. They have also pioneered the development of community-owned wind-power cooperatives and wind-powered electric vehicle charging stations with “smart” battery systems that can store surplus wind-generated energy and feed energy back into the system at times of peak demand. Closer to home, we have ample models to emulate, and I will report on the great work of our neighboring counties in a future column.

Here’s the bottom line: In order to develop a 21st century economy, we need to reach for the best energy technology. If we are behind the curve, then we just have to be more informed, resourceful, ingenious and determined than our more prosperous neighbors. We need to focus on our resources—talent, intelligence and dedication—and not on our deficits, and let necessity be the mother of sustainable invention.