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September 24, 2016
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Creating Community

Toby Hemenway sums it up in his book “Gaia’s Garden.” Writing about permaculture, he describes “the invisible structures… the careful design of relationships among them—interconnections—that will create a healthy, sustainable whole. These relationships are what turn unrelated parts into a functioning system, whether it‘s a backyard, a community, or an ecosystem.” From our volunteer fire companies and rescue squads to the infinite examples of neighbors helping and watching out for each other, we are all part of an ecology we create day by day, and our cultural organizations provide essential mental nourishment.

The Delaware Company will help us find inspiration and relevance in the courage and ingenuity of those who have come before. NACL’s Weather Project looks forward, inviting us to explore the realities of climate change and to and apply our creativity and ingenuity to this new challenge. I am struck by the dynamic synergy that has energized both of these projects, here and now, in the Upper Delaware.