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October 25, 2016
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Ads, hotels and old friends

On the first day of editing, the agency told us that the spot was going to be a song instead, an old fashioned jingle, albeit with a lot of the same images and the see/say images matching the lyrics.

We work on that version for a day or two and then the next morning they kill the song.

Now the idea is to choose a popular song and cut a montage to that. First we were chasing clarity and now we are chasing emotion.

The great song search begins with different companies all doing searches for the perfect song with lyrics that match a feel-good attitude and also a significant build. We listen to options. Henry and Rel, sitting on the couch behind me, shake their heads after a few moments.

The agency loves different versions, and one night we post two different edits with four different song options for a total of eight versions. Eventually, we start focusing on a cool old rock and roll song and we get it working pretty well. The idea changes again the next day.

Reset. Back to the rhyming voiceover. Rel shakes his head and smiles, “I always liked that version.”

The bed remade and the stained plastic cup thrown away. A new one unwrapped in its place.