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December 10, 2016
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My mom gave Emily and me some local ground beef from the country, and a few days later we made hamburgers. I use the term “we” only as a way to include myself. I just sampled them. The meat was organic and very fresh. It was amazingly tender and juicy. It was a fantastic burger. It got me thinking about the meat that I normally get at the supermarket.

Back to work the following Monday; the paperwork for my accountant is overdue. There are meetings every night this week. How quickly the things that were put off until the new year pile up. I’m suddenly extremely busy.

Now headed out of town for a documentary shoot through Northern California, Los Angeles and Colorado. I’m catching up from being away and getting ready to leave again at the same time.

I want 2013 (2013A, as one of the Internetters called it) to be a year of growth. I want to be more conscious about what I’m eating, more mindful of my workload and to have more patience.

I want to be the “no bother” kind of guy when I miss the train.