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December 06, 2016
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Thoughts on the holidays

But my mother’s smile was warm, and seeing the other side of my family was always enough to cheer me up.

A few years later, I invited my first girlfriend for the holidays. It was a nice feeling to introduce someone I cared about to my family.

Gradually the holidays became less and less about getting presents and more and more about giving them. Now it has become more about office holiday parties and a chance to catch up with old friends I never get to see. A chance to toast each other’s accomplishments.

This year, my own celebrations will be very low key. It’s actually the first year that I won’t be seeing my family on Christmas Day. It all worked out so that I was able to celebrate with both sides of my family a bit early and I’ll be spending the day with Emily and a few of our friends.

It’s a small thing, but it’s got me feeling very grown up. But enough about me...

Here’s to you, dear reader, and your family. Wishing you a fantastic holiday season in whichever way you choose to celebrate.