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October 27, 2016
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The hat quest

I paused as she got a different one off of the shelf, one that I would have never picked. She was absolutely right, though, it looked better. I bought the hat and wore it for the next few days.

And there I was, finally, with a hat that I could feel good about, a hat to enjoy. This was it. My hat problem was solved. I’d just go back to this store whenever I needed a hat. They had hats for all seasons there. Nothing can stop me now.

A week later, I sat down to see Spiderman in 3D. I took off the hat and placed it on the ground next to my seat. “Don’t forget it,” I remember thinking.

After the film I got up, smiling and laughing with friends as I left the theater, leaving that problem-solving hat amongst the spilt popcorn, never to be seen of or heard of again.