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December 07, 2016
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Eagles vs. fireworks

But stepping back and looking at the country, I can get excited about the debate that is constantly raging. We are constantly striving for more—for better. These days it’s a little frustrating to see the very natural debate on topics fall into political spinning as did the Supreme Court decision about health care last week.

Everything is played politically and spun. The coming months will almost certainly bring even more partisanship and heated debate. Hopefully, it will be the kind that can eventually band us together and lead to compromise.

And so we are back to the metaphorical eagle vs. firework debate. Is there a way for both to exist? Would the presence of a National Park Ranger on the river in front of the eagles’ nest during the fireworks to monitor for any eagle difficulties suffice for both sides? Just don’t throw those red white and blue cans in the river.