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December 10, 2016
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Can we save the bridge?

From what I understand, here’s where it gets a little bit complicated. They haven’t decided what kind of bridge they want to build, but in order to build any bridge they will first have to build a causeway to get equipment from one side to the other. Some methods for building the causeway have been discussed that could prevent passage by boats. This means that people rafting, canoeing or kayaking would have to get out and walk their vessels around the causeway.

Basically they are going to spend a bunch of money to build a temporary bridge, to build a permanent bridge, so that they can take down the existing bridge. It seems to me the thing to do is to spend the money fixing the bridge that is already there, which also just so happens to be a beautiful historic bridge.

Viewing an old map, it shows that there are two abandoned roads (one less than a mile, the other less than two miles) heading to the community of Pond Eddy (at least one used to go all the way). One could imagine that one of these roads could be extended to reach Pond Eddy.

After talking more about it with my dad, I started a petition at and I’m going to try to help him and many others organize support to force PennDOT to change its replacement plan. Why not fix the bridge and build a road?

I think that we need to fight to maintain the character and beauty of our area. It’s tough to see how important things like the Pond Eddy Bridge are to the area but they make a monumental difference to the people who drive by everyday as well as the millions of people who have floated beneath it every summer.

Let’s save the bridge.

the bridge WE use on a DAILY BASIS

All, but ALL, of the energy being generated to save the bridge comes from people who enjoy its aesthetic but do not NEED it to get to home. Having lived here (and there are way more than the '12' of us popularly but falsely asserted) for 20+ years, I have followed the bridge saga from an intensely necessary perspective. PennDOT has taken decades to wade through incredible paperwork and interminable studies to see what was feasible for us to have safe passage home.

I was once also in favor of saving the then beautiful bridge. Unfortunate but true, it has now deteriorated to such an extent that PennDOTs assertion that replacement is the viable alternative is an obviously sound one. Studies as to all alternatives have gone on for over two decades. Now that action is finally to happen it seems people who do not live there nor need the bridge would like to go back to square one.

For 20+ years we have had no fire nor other emergency services. Currently we cannot even get winter heating oil delivered and must carry it in the backs of our cars on public roads. Horror accident waiting to happen with a simple rear end collision. This matter is urgent and I pray that the fully considered actions for replacing the bridge move forward before there is a truly dire event that makes everyone regret their delays and quibbles.

Yes, the bridge was cool, I surely thought that when i bought my home way back when. Now it is unsafe and a nightmare. I would wonder who would give up their modern car and ride in a buggy behind a horse because it is 'historical' and 'charming'. I suspect not one of you who is against a new bridge for us. I would not wish any of this on any of you who drive into your driveways, happy to arrive home and never considering what a pleasure and blessing that actually is.