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December 07, 2016
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The Hickory Farms Escape

“Oh, it wasn’t that close,” said a deep voice from the darkness.

Startled, the Bandit whipped around as the Dog stepped into the light.

Meanwhile, Jack got the door to the coop open and quietly moved through the turkeys, explaining that they were being rescued. The flock gathered quickly. “So there really is a Turkey Bandit,” said a young poult.

“There is indeed,” said Jack, as he started shuffling the flock out the front gate and on to safety.

Back inside, the Bandit and the Dog glared at each other as if in a Western stand off, each waiting for the other one to make a move.

“Give it up,” said the Dog. “There’s no way out alive.”

The Bandit calmly took a dog treat from his pocket. “Fresh bacon,” he said.

The Dog looked nervous. The Bandit smelled the treat and scrunched up his face. “Mmmmm,” he said.

The Dog’s mouth started to water. He tried to resist but he started to pant. The Bandit threw the treat over his shoulder into the kitchen. The Dog barreled after it. The Bandit shook his head as he slipped out of the house and into the night.

The next morning, the Bandit sat at his dining room table eating breakfast. His cab was parked outside. His wife and two young poults clucked around getting ready for the day.

The cover of the morning newspaper read, “Turkey Bandit strikes again. Hickory Farms emptied.”

“Wow” said the son. “Do you think it’s really true? Is there a Turkey Bandit?”

“I don’t know,” said the Bandit himself. “A turkey who runs around in a mask and cape seems to be a little confused. I can’t say I approve of his methods but he certainly is doing a good thing.”

With a grin, the Turkey Bandit leaned back in the chair, thankful for alarm decoders, dog treats and his family.