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December 07, 2016
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A summer mystery - Part 3: The investigation

The bank statements confirmed what Tom had said. The statements were certainly dreary. So dreary in fact that Brown started to wonder whether Mr. Johnson had actually offed himself.

Mr. Johnson had been found around 11 p.m. that night. Brown grimaced as he looked at the pictures of the body. The head wound was strange. Jagged and unplanned. Johnson had a large life insurance policy with his wife as the sole beneficiary. It was sad that his death actually solved all his problems.

Eddie, the doorman who had found the body, confirmed that he had seen Tom and Mr. Johnson arguing numerous times. He also confirmed that Mr. and Mrs. Johnson had been a little cold with each other. That didn’t necessarily mean anything. All one had to do was look at the previous Mrs. Browns to realize that a man who was obsessed with his work did not do much good for a marriage.

When Brown went to see the couple in 5B, the Boyfriend acted strangely. Brown supposed that he might have just gotten stoned. He was nervous to see a cop at his door. Brown gave him a hard time, but in actuality thought it was funny. The Boyfriend said that he had been home writing the day of the murder. At first he didn’t remember anything but after a little pressing he said that he had heard a strange ticking noise...

It suddenly struck him.

Brown dialed his partner.

“Yeah,” his partner answered.

“Get all of them to Mrs. Johnson’s apartment.”

“Who?” asked his partner.

“Mrs. Johnson, Eddie, Tom and that couple from 5B. I think I figured it out.”

To be continued...