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December 10, 2016
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Sleep No More

It’s strange to be one of the anonymous masked ones. It’s very voyeuristic. The performers are without masks. That’s how you know who they are. They look normal.

At first things don’t make any sense. A character here, a character there. I wander from room to room. At times I was alone with characters. At times alone with other anonymous masks. Some characters I follow. Some follow me. A story starts to emerge.

Eventually and organically, I am led back the bar where there is now a very talented cabaret singer and remove my mask.

Talking to friends, we discover we each had a completely unique experience. We had seen things in different order. We had seen some things twice.

It was kind of incredible. I’d never experienced anything quite like it.

And then days later, there was that mask in the cab. The words of the elevator operator stuck with me. “Fortune favors the bold.” There was a single moment of possibility. But then, alas, the cab zoomed away without me.

I glanced around the empty street but saw no one. Continuing on, I realized the power of the performance I had witnessed as I wondered if maybe, just maybe, I was being followed.