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December 11, 2016
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Camp Emily

I dread going back to New York and think about how long it will take to re-acclimate to my life there. The worst part of a vacation is coming home. Did someone famous say that once?

My upcoming schedule is pretty crazy and January will take me up to Woodstock for a week for a sound mix and to Park City, Utah and Sundance for our premiere. (Goodbye warm weather!)

I wonder what it will be like to look back on that group portrait, a moment frozen in time, those young smiling faces, tanned in the warmth of the sun. I can imagine that at first it will make me miss the beach, this amazing house, the lack of responsibility and the camaraderie of having almost all of my friends on vacation with me.

But later, much later, I expect to look back at this photo with envy, jealous for a time and place when we were all young and carefree. For time, vacation or not, passes so quickly these days.