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October 22, 2016
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In My Humble Opinion

With a song in my heart

Nostalgia reigned supreme last week as I wended my way throughout the Upper Delaware River region in search of spots to photograph the ever-changing array of color that has enveloped the Catskills over the last 10 days. Constantly pulling over to the side of the road, I stopped, marveled and clicked my way through Pennsylvania and New York, making my way to Barryville, Milford, Shohola, Livingston Manor, Youngsville, Monticello and beyond.  Read more

I’m no Boy Scout

My father didn’t want me to join the Scouts. I’d like to say that I don’t know why, but while eavesdropping, he made it clear that he did not want me to start with the Cub Scouts because (at that time) the packs were led by women known as “den mothers,” and he felt that my own mother already had too much influence over me. Instead, I was packed off to the YMCA, which was all male. Dad was determined to “make a man out of me or die trying,” which ultimately came to fruition more than 40 years ago.  Read more

I’m always chasing rainbows

All too often, I’m confounded (which my dictionary defines as “bewildered, confused and perplexed”) when forced to choose from the vast array of events happening, often simultaneously, throughout the Upper Delaware River region. Those of us at the newspaper who are often on the road in search of a story, rack up a lot of miles during the year, reporting on more than 60 communities spanning both sides of the Delaware and there’s always a story to be told. Well… almost always.  Read more

All in the family

Let’s face it, I’m an emotional kind of guy. Happy or sad, grumpy or glad, I basically wear my heart on my sleeve for all the world to see. “I yam what I yam,” as Popeye would say, and I’ve carried that mantra with me since he and Olive Oyl graced the small screen of my youth, when the world was still perceived in black and white.  Read more

I oughta be in pictures

Well… I’m not at all sure that I “oughta be,” but as it happens, I am this week. Usually, I’m pretty busy on the other side of the camera, attempting to capture all that is happening throughout the Upper Delaware region, but for the past few days, I’ve been in front of the cameras, actively participating in the events that I attended and for much of those days, the subject of social networking while others took the photos, posting them online for all the world to see.  Read more

Challenge accepted…

The past few weeks have been challenging, not only personally, but for many I have come into contact with as well. Even though I tend to think of myself as the guy who reports on the good times here in the Upper Delaware River region, there are somber moments as well, and I often still marvel when observing communities coming together, uniting for the greater good, happy or sad.  Read more

Labor of love

And then it happened. Labor Day. It seems like only yesterday when summers stretched out before us with (what seemed like) endless months of camping, swimmin’ holes and fireflies blinking in the twilight, and I still remember Mom telling us to take advantage of that carefree feeling that only childhood can provide. “Once you graduate from school and get a job,” she warned, “summers go by in the blink of an eye.” She was right, of course, and I miss that carefree feeling, but fortunately my job has the added bonus of spending the summer in search of a good time.  Read more

This time, it’s personal

Here in the Upper Delaware River region, it’s easy to keep track of the seasons, whether it’s the crops being harvested, the front porches festooned with flags, or simply the sun setting on the horizon. Of course, holidays keep us on our toes as well, and Labor Day is on the horizon too. In other climates (California, for instance) it’s easy to lose track of the days, and weeks often tend to blend, making it difficult to keep track of time passing. Having lived on both coasts, I can compare and contrast.  Read more

Have I stayed too long at the fair?

Spoiler alert! This one’s a little maudlin. While I did attend an actual fair last week, (www.delawarecountyfair.com), the one referred to in the header of this column is a metaphor. The sentiment was brought on by (of all things) the production of “Rock of Ages” (www.fbplayhouse.org) that I caught last Thursday in Forestburgh—their “swan song” musical of the summer season. Before I get down to brass tacks (I mean weepy, morose, end-of-summer blues), let’s address my day at the real fair, which to be fair, was… fair.  Read more

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Actually, it was 47 years ago, and it happened on Max Yasgur’s dairy farm in Bethel, NY. But life on this planet was so different back then, it might as well have been in another galaxy altogether. Woodstock. Dozens of books, hundreds of articles, movies, albums… the list goes on. Although I like reminiscing as much as the next person, I’m constantly striving to be “in the present” while simultaneously keeping an eye on the future, so I was determined to not let this past weekend cloud my judgment and focus solely on that little music festival that changed the world.  Read more