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December 06, 2016
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As you read these words, Memorial Day is nearly upon us. This will be a great weekend for beer, barbeque, golf, fishing and kayaking. These pleasures will prove to be quite enjoyable. However, let us not forget why it is called Memorial Day. It is a time to remember those in the armed forces, unknown to us, who died to ensure that we would be able to enjoy these sunny days. Technician Fifth Grade Luke S. Swartz was one of these. In December 1944, he found himself fighting on “the tip of the spear,” which was attempting to halt the German advance during the Battle of the Bulge. The advancing Germans overran his position and he was taken captive. He, along with 80 other American captives, were taken to the rear of the battlefield. There, in a field in the little town of Malmedy, he, along with the other prisoners, was massacred by SS troops. Until a moment ago you did not even know his name. Remember.