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December 03, 2016
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First Trout

With shaking hands another worm was even more carefully attached to the hook. With great expectations, it was cast into the flow. The bobber then floated along placidly for a few feet when suddenly it was yanked completely under water. I struck mightily with the rod. Aha, this time a hooked fish and bobber came sailing back toward me. Both landed on the bank at my feet. I dropped the rod and pounced on the fish. It had to be a trout. No other fish could be this beautiful. Its fins slashed with red, white belly and spotted sides gleamed in the light of the sun. This was a prize more gorgeous than a young boy could ever have imagined. I not only had the most exciting trout fishing story to tell but also the trout to prove it. Now, as I recall this story, which happened 72 years ago, what was more solidly hooked—the fish or the fisherman?