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October 21, 2016
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A Bamboo ferrule?

At that last meeting, Dave Brandt showed off his newest bamboo fly rod. This two-piece rod is a bit of an oddity, since the male and female ferrule is made of bamboo rather than nickel silver. Naturally, we all had to cast this rod and give it our enlightened opinions. The rod had been built by one of the four builders who had come to the gathering all the way from Japan. Japanese rod makers, like our friends Takatoshi Kumakirri and Masaki Takemoto, know how to build quality fly rods. The quality of bamboo fly rods today is the equal of the expert makers of the past. Of course, old timers like Bob Taylor and Walt Carpenter would probably dispute that statement. This would simply prove my belief that you cannot get fly fishers to agree on anything. Herding cats would be far easier.