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December 05, 2016
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The result, according to Hardy, is said to be a spectacular combination of strength and flexibility, which will enable a fly line to be cast easily and with great delicacy. Hardy is experimenting with nano particles as small as two nanometers in its next series of fly rods. This use of high technology is quite amazing. However, I doubt it will convince me to sell my bamboo fly rods. Bamboo does not have to be impregnated with teeny, tiny, silica spheres. A bamboo fly rod is the epitome of an organic tool.

At a recent gathering of bamboo rod makers, I cast an eight-foot, three-piece rod, that cast a three, four, five, and six weight line perfectly. If someone had merely told me that such a rod existed, I would not have believed it. The maker of the rod, Rick Robbins, calls this model “The Holy Grail.” The only problem is he has a waiting list as long as an alligator’s tail for this rod. If only I was a younger man.