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December 05, 2016
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‘Big Wind from Winnetka’

The light was fading fast as we were leaving the river. On the way out we came upon a young fellow casting a fly with an unusually short rod. I was curious and stopped to ask him about his rod. He explained that he had taped a fly reel onto the handle of a spinning rod. This was the only way he could cast a fly. Even with this unusual equipment he said he had caught two small Brook trout. Darn it, I should have asked for his name and phone number. Our Trout Unlimited group has a few beaten-up but still serviceable fly rods that could be given to a young man so determined to fish with a fly. If by some rather wildly fortunate chance he happens to read this, he should contact me through the paper. He drives an old Ford pickup. Perhaps I will be lucky enough to bump into him on the Willowemoc again.