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October 24, 2016
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An astonished deer

The experience had temporarily taken my mind away from fishing. I now saw that trout were rising here and there on the river. I carefully worked my way over the rocks to get a bit closer to the nearest riser. I remembered to check behind me to see that there was room for me to make a back cast. When I fail to do that, I sometimes wind up fishing for trout up in the leaves of low tree limbs. I have found that one fly is as good as another when you are casting up into tree leaves.

The rod delivered the fly, a beetle tied with deer hair, dropping it some 18 inches above the rise forms of this trout. The fly hit the water with a tiny “plop.” In a flash, the trout rose and devoured the fly. I would like to tell you of the large size of this fish. The truth is this trout was only a foolish, fat, 10-inch-long brown. In the next 30 minutes, two of his like-sized cousins made the identical mistake. It was fun catching them. The memory of this night on a beautiful river, however, will not be of the fish I hooked and landed. It will forever be the look of complete astonishment exhibited by that doe when she first became aware of my presence. Memories are rarely made of the fish you may have caught. Memories are made by what happens while you are out on the river.